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 Aluminum double slider window

DUCD-5000 aluminium
Double slider

The all-aluminum sliding window has been highly sought-after in the industry for several decades. Featured in many homes, condominiums, apartment buildings and schools, this window offers unparalleled value.

  • Available in fixed or combined models
  • No obligations related to standard dimensions, dimensions based on customer preference
  • Single or double glazed, fixed window or sash
  • Series offered with insulated frames, deapth of 165 mm (6½”), 190 mm (7½”) or 216 mm (8½”)
  • Aluminum features baked acrylic enamel finish inside from outside, available in standard white (#K1285) or brown (#K7390), with the option of different finishes inside from outside
  • Maximum security via double window sashes with independent cam locking devices. Uniform pane dimensions for easy replacement in case of breakage.
  • Indirect ventilation in case of rain

Options :

  • High-performance glass
  • Virtually unlimited grille patterns
  • Various brickmould options
  • Available in various colours (paint or anodization), interior and exterior


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