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Hybrid Patio-Door PVC-aluminum ETH-5000

Hybrid patio-doors

ETH-5000 hybrid patio doors from SUPERVISION combine the best qualities: aesthetics and durability of aluminum combined with recognized energy efficiency offered by PVC products.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • Multichamber PVC frame, 5 9/16”
  • Multichamber PVC sash
  • Multiple weatherstripping to eliminate air infiltration
  • Steel reinforcements in the most heavily used parts
  • One-point mortise lock
  • Hidden sash stoppers for aesthetic appeal
  • Careful design and precise adjustment for flawless door corner joints
  • Aluminum cladding is clipped on brackets, leaving no visible screws
  • Optimal space was left between the extruded aluminum and the PVC profile to prevent the PVC from warping due to heat transfer between the aluminum and the PVC on very sunny days
  • Security bar


  • Low-E double or triple glazing
  • Bronze tinted glass
  • Brickmold
  • Two-point mortise lock
  • Foot lock
  • Grilles



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