Offered by Quebec government, RénoVert is a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly residential renovation.

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double pane


(Limited Lifetime Warranty)

This Low-E thermal unit was designed to maximize the performance of our windows while providing maximum energy efficiency under the EnergyStar program, leading to lower energy consumption for Canadian homeowners when choosing these windows.
(1 x 180 on surface # 3 / 1 x clear)


(15-year Warranty)

This Low-E thermal unit maximises R value while minimising solar gain for your clients looking to buy windows with the highest R rating. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference. Inside the glazing units of each window and door is a hidden benefit. Investing in superior windows and doors pays off down the road in lower energy bills, furniture and carpet not faded by ultraviolet light, and a home that’s comfortable year round.
(1 x 180 on surface # 3 / 1 x clear)


(15-year Warranty)

In order to maintain a greater comfort in cold weather, VALUE+ insulated glass has one pane with 75% insulating properties, acting directly on air temperature in (all) areas of your property. Thus, in cold weather, the relative humidity of the ambient air is better controlled, allowing for a healthier living area.
(1 x 272 on surface # 3 / 1 x clear)


(15-year Warranty)

Intended for warm climates, SUPERVALUE+ insulated glass offers the perfect balance between solar control and glass transparency. This is the insulated glass to choose when air conditioning costs are higher than heating costs. This glass can reflect up to 95% of dangerous UV rays. (SuperValue+ combines all these advantages with minimal exterior reflection without altering glass tint that would otherwise darken the visibility).
(1 x 366 on surface # 2 / 1 x clear)

Triple pane


(Limited Lifetime Warranty)

Only available with our EcoNova products, SUPERSTAR+ insulated triple glass offers all the caracteristics of the STAR+ insulated glass with unprecedented energy efficiency. Furthermore, this insulated glass exceeds the criterias established by the Energy Star* program thus reaching the highest level, which is Zone 3.
(2 x 180 on surface # 3 & 5 / 1 x clear)


(15-year Warranty)

This insulated triple glass maximizes heat resistance while minimizing solar heat gain for unprecedented comfort. Only offered in our EcoNova products, TRIPLE STAR+ insulated glass limits the effects of UV rays and insures comfort in your home throughout the year. Furthermore, it has the highest ‘‘U’’ value to be certified by Energy Star*.
(2 x 272 on surface # 2 & 5 / 1 x clear)


(15-year Warranty)

By choosing TRIPLE R+ insulated glass, ensuring the best value for a triple insulated glass while meeting the established standards to be certified by Energy Star*.
(1 x 180 on surface # 5 / 2 x clear)

*Performances may vary according to the window model. For more information, please visit Energy Star website.

**These glasses essentially meet the criteria of the regions where this is required by regulations (Ex.: Ontario).



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