Offered by Quebec government, RénoVert is a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly residential renovation.

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Laflamme Fiberglass Doors

Supervision Fiberglass Doors are offered in several smooth or textured woodgrain finishes, including fir, oak and mahogany, and can be painted or stained.


  • High-performance Material
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Maximum Protection
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Antirust Material for superior resistance to shocks, scratches and distortion
  • Better Insulation than wood door

Frame and Threshold

  • Frame cladding in aluminum or PVC 1-1/4″ thick jambs
  • Wood-reinforced extruded aluminum threshold in various depths
  • Threshold colours: natural, dark bronze or black anodized aluminum


  • Wooden block inset in the handle area for greater strength and security

Door Panels

  • Injected polyurethane for superior insulation and balancing
  • Cracking resistant
  • Standard colour: white


  • Compression weather stripping on the hinge-side jamb
  • Compression and magnetic weather stripping on the door top and handle-side jamb
  • Door bottom weather stripping with several sweeps to prevent water seepage


  • Smooth or wood-textured fibreglass panels
  • A wide range of factory-applied paint colours
  • A wide selection of decorative or thermopane glass
  • Contemporary mullions (2″ and 3″)
  • Retainers (glazing edges) – Contemporary model
  • Door bottom weather stripping in assorted colours
  • Door edge vinyl cap cover on lock set side
  • 1-5/8″ thick jambs
  • Security plate on door frame
  • Hinge reinforcing plate (top hinge)
  • A wide selection of hardware (Weiser or Baldwin)
  • Multi-point locking system (3-point system)

Glass Options

  • Full Lite, no sealer
  • Retainers (glazing edges) – Executive model



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