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Hybrid Casement Window

EBH / EAH-5000 hybrid 
Casement / Awning Windows

The innovative EBH/EAH-5000 Casement and Awning Hybrid Windows feature a sturdy sash with contemporary styling. EBH/EAH-5000 windows were designed to accommodate a triple thermos and be able to meet the new Energy Star 2020 and Novo Climat 2.0 criteria.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • Assembling inspired by aeronautical technology that eliminates cracking opportunities
  • Sturdy contemporary style sash
  • Structural frames: 5", 5 516" and 6 916" with 3/4" and 1/2" integrated drywall return
  • Triple weather-stripping for maximum air tightness
  • Standard overlap screen
  • 7/8” sealed unit
  • Multipoint locking system
  • Wide variety of standard colours, including clear anodized


  • High performance glass types
  • Grilles and Simulated divided lights (SDL)
  • Variety of brickmould options and factory-installed jamb extension
  • Wide array of colours (interior and exterior)
  • High efficiency 1 1/4” triple-pane sealed unit

MS / MSA - 5000 Hybrid Casement Window

MS / MSA - 5000 hybrid
casement /  awning windows

SUPERVISION’s MS/MSA-5000 hybrid window ushers in a new era of light. With its unique design and superior glazing, the MS/MSA-5000 lets more light into your home to provide you with stunning views of the world outside. Having combined the two most popular materials in the window world, the hybrid window is the perfect answer to all architectural applications.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • 5", 5 516" and 6 916" rigid PVC with an extruded aluminum exterior
  • The welded PVC sash with aluminum extrusion are located well inside the warm portion of the wall
  • Sash opens 90° for easy cleaning from inside
  • Structural assembly and integrated brickmould improve water tightness
  • Warm-edge glazing unit
  • Multipoint locking mechanism
  • Standard overlap screen
Hybrid Windows standard colors


  • High-performance glass
  • Virtually unlimited grille and SDL pattern
  • Various brickmould options
  • Selection of jamb extensions
  • Wide array of colours (interior and exterior)
  • Stainless steel hardware

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